Final Fantasy Tactics Cerabow's Mod


FFT Cerabow's Mod includes a rebalancing of the entire game, including buffing underpowered skills, nerfing overpowered skills, and many other changes. The mod is not designed to be a difficulty hack, but instead fixes numerous issues with the original and opens the door to a variety of new strategies. Overall, units have more HP, deal less damage, and it's uncommon for 1-hit kills to occur. The enemy AI has access to far more skills than they did in vanilla, so just because you petrified half their team doesn't mean they won't remove it and then hit you back with it. Various strategies which were overshadowed by broken skills in vanilla are now very viable in the game now. Bosses which previously had laughably low HP now challenge your ability to setup a party for an enduring fight. Healing and MP restoration are nearly a requirement now in some form, and status effects can easily swing the tide in anyone's favor. Grinding for skills is not nearly as necessary, as the JP cost of skills have been drastically reduced, with many basic skills only costing 20 JP, and the strongest abilities in the game costing a maximum of 500 JP. The in-game help text has also been updated drastically to provide the player with as much information as possible, including hinting at whether an ability is physical or magical, or if it uses Faith at all.

If you are looking for the Deep Dungeon (Midlight's Deep) guide I compiled, you can find it here:

If you are looking for the Ch1 speedrun mod I created, you can find it here:

Table of Contents

  1. Readme
  2. Download Link
  3. Discord Link
  4. Changelog
  5. Monster Locations
  6. Poach List

Readme and Overview

Download Link

Discord Link


Open Beta

Patch List
Patch Release Date Notes
0.12.2643 2020-12-22
  • Finally removed the long delay at chapter end images after the sped up text disappears (it was harder than you might expect - Thanks Elric and Glain!)
  • Removed the post-ability text for Eye Strike (finally! Thanks Xifanie!)
  • Removed the post-ability text for Allure
  • Removed the post-ability text for Blood Suck
  • Removed the brave-boost from the Mandalia Plains story battle
  • Added Glain's "Crits always deal bonus damage" hack, giving crits a minimum bonus damage now, slightly higher than base attack
  • Elemental Weakness now only boosts damage by 50% as opposed to 100% (This was overdue)
  • Fixed an issue with Death Sentence hitting Undead units when it does nothing
  • Soldier office now asks you which unit you want to rename, as opposed to monster
  • Force Armor now costs 40k gil up from 30k, only increases MP by 30 instead of 40, and is now unlocked later in chapter 4
  • Slightly nerfed Alma in the final battle
  • Updated help text in multiple locations regarding skills which cannot be evaded
  • Increase JP gained from propositions by 10-20%
  • Fixed an issue where new random battle formations were unlocking later in chapters rather than at the start of each chapter
  • Undead floating humans resist wind damage now
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Paladin portrait again, hopefully for good this time
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of Sand Rat Cellar
  • Slightly increased the damage of geomancy skills
  • Slightly reduced the MP cost of Comet
  • Fixed an issue with Cleave
  • Decreased the cast time of Meteorain
  • Increased the MP cost of Vengeance Slash
  • Increased the MP cost of Dark Shockwave
  • Increased the hit rate of Mustadio's bombs
  • Increased the hit rate of several Oracle skills
  • Increased the hit rate of several of Beowulf's skills
  • Beowulf gained a new skill
  • Malak's skills have been reworked to only use magic attack and are boosted in power
  • Malak's unlocked jobs when he joins have been adjusted to be more in-line with his rework
  • Malak's weapon set for his base job has been adjusted to be more in-line with his rework
  • Rafa can no longer use swords or rods in her base job
  • Slightly increased Rafa's Brave and Malak's Faith
  • Increased the damage of Counter Throw so it will scale better at higher levels and is more useful later-game
  • Adjusted the damage formula for Throw Stone
  • Adjusted the damage formula for Cat Kick
  • Adjusted the damage formula for Tail Swipe
  • Adjusted the formula for Mute
  • All Deep Dungeon items are now guaranteed to be non-purchasable items and there are a few less Elixirs
  • Slightly adjusted the Velius fight
  • Slightly adjusted the Adramelk fight
  • Slightly adjusted the Altima fight
  • More superboss tweaks
  • Updated the memory card images for the mod
0.11.2600 2020-08-28
  • Swapped Platinum Sword and Diamond Sword tier location to fix a late-game gear allocation issue (Thanks Glain!)
  • Fixed a Dark Chocobo missing one of its support skills being shown in a random battle
  • Fixed a Chemist who was having an identity crisis in a random Zeklaus Desert battle (Male was flagged as Monster)
  • Fixed some Archers and Wizards who were having identity crises in random Finath River battles
  • Fixed a minor issue with all Treant portraits
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Paladin portrait
  • Fixed the spell quote for Purge Time
  • Increased chance to learn Jump skills so AI can unlock more of them
  • Changed sprites for enemy Heaven Knights
  • White Knights gained Martial Arts and some gained Defense Up / Magic Defend Up
  • Increased the difficulty of Balk 2
  • Flux Armlet can no longer be purchased
  • Slightly increased the damage of Rafa's skills, but now they can only hit 3 times instead of 4
  • Reworked the custom Vormav event to reduce chance for glitches to zero (Thanks for the support Jumza)
  • Superboss lost Defense Up and Magic Defend Up but gained more HP to promote more varied damage-dealing strategies
  • Added Xifanie's Solder Office Upgrade hack, because it needs to get used and is amazing. Soldier office now produces units equal to your level and the amount of JP they've earned depends on the amount of gil you offer for them, up to 2,500,000 gil. Increased gil also increases Brave/Faith ranges. There are 4 classes available at every town's Soldier Office which unlock as the game story progresses. Tier 1 monsters unlock at end-game (Post Zombag) near their respective home locations (see below).
0.10.2584 2020-07-18
  • Buffed the Cursed Ring to make it more appealing
  • Slightly adjusted the items given to the enemies in the Yuguo Woods story battle
  • Increased the effect range of the Ghosts' Monster Skill and made it a self AOE like Draw Out
  • Slightly increased the speed of all demons
  • Reduced the chance for Awaken to hit for several Dark Chocobos, as it was higher than intended
  • Monster leaders gained innate Monster Skill
  • Death Knights are now immune to crystal and treasure and lost their immortal status
  • Increased the difficulty of VOYAGE
  • Increased the difficulty of HORROR
  • Increased the difficulty of the superboss fight
0.10.2574 2020-06-24
  • Dark Hood now also grants +1 PA
  • Swapped item tiers for Dark Hood and Gold Hairpin
  • Late-game (Chapter 4) katanas now grant +2 MA instead of +1 MA
  • Time Mage lost Don't Move and gained Purge Time (new skill)
  • Increased the MP of Ahriman monster types
  • Increased the MP of Elmdor
  • Increased the MP of Death Knights
  • Increased the MP of all special Undead human units
  • Increased the MP of Lucavi
  • Fixed an issue with Hairball having limited vertical targetting
  • Fixed an AI flag for Phoenix Bomb so now the AI can actually use it
  • Fixed an AI flag for Fairy so now the AI can actually use it
  • Fixed an AI flag for multiple abilities, now indicating they ignore faith
  • Flagged Dark Vortex so the AI knows it can use it on allies, for healing allies that absorb dark
  • Slightly decreased the power of Wheel of Fate
  • Increased the MP cost of Wheel of Fate
  • Decreased the JP cost of Dispel 2
  • Increased the chance to hit with Reis's Wind
  • Zalera is no longer vulnerable to Slow
  • Increased the difficulty of some Deep Dungeon fights which were erroneously easy
  • Fixed a sprite issue in one of the VALKYRIES formations
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of some of the Deep Dungeon fights
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of Finath River story battle
  • Changed Steel Needle traps to Sleep traps in the Deep Dungeon
  • Updated text tool to fix a number of text bugs, particularly with Propositions not displaying gil awarded (you still received the gil though)
  • Added Glain's Roster reorder hack for moving around units in formation using L1/R1
  • Added Glain's red text for insufficient MP for instant skills hack
  • Revamped the random battles in END, the final Deep Dungeon floor, after Elidibs is defeated. There are now only two formations: an undead summoner who will only cast Zodiac (for you to learn) and an optional superboss. The superboss is not intended to really be fair, so good luck!
0.9.2546 2020-04-30
  • Fixed an error where Hairball had a range vertical limit of 2
  • Slightly reduced Boco's power at Fovoham Plains
  • Reduced MP cost of Regen from 8 to 6 MP
  • Fixed a placement issue where some monsters wouldn't spawn properly in several maps
  • Fixed an issue with units in a random battle at Dolbodar Swamp
  • Adjusted some help text which could be misleading
  • Treant monster types now take half water damage
  • Fixed help text for Treant King class info
  • Fixed help text indicating Monster Skill only has a vertical tolerance of 2
  • Fixed a sprite issue in one of the NOGIAS formations
  • Updated help text to indicate if skills did percentile damage.
  • Increased the chance to hit with Protect, Shell, Regen, Reraise, Esuna, Esuna 2, Runic Cleanse, Haste, Float, Reflect, Quick, Runic Void, Runic Split, Runic Barrier, Lich, Carbunkle, Fairy, Mighty Guard, Dark Vortex, Choco Esuna, Undead Resilience, Mbarrier, and Nameless Song - offensive skills are still subject to magic evasion
0.9.2534 2020-03-28
  • Corrected the help text for Venom Leap to indicate its range of 2
  • Corrected the help text to include element for Blaze
  • Fixed some mimes that had gear in a random battle
  • Fixed the proc for Holy Staff
  • Fixed a sprite issue in a VOYAGE fight
  • Holy Priest, Lune Knight, Engineer (enemy), and Knight Blade classes lost innate immunity to poison
  • Increased the difficulty of story fights with monsters late-game
  • Most monster classes received a rebalance in stats making them deal more competitive damage, but this shouldn't affect early-game
  • Increased MA of Cocatris monster types
  • Increased MA of Squidlarkin monster types
  • Increased MA for Morbol monster types
  • Increased MA for Byblos
  • Overhauled stats for Treant monster types
  • Leaf Dance can now be evaded
  • Swapped tertiary skills between Flotiball and Ahriman
  • Ahriman monster types now take half lightning damage
  • Uribo monster types now take half fire damage
  • Behemoth monster types now take half holy damage
  • Morbol monster types now take half dark damage
  • Increased the range of Mutiliate
  • Slightly increased the offensive damage of Green and Blue Chocobos
  • Oil can no longer persist through death
  • Increased the difficulty of some DD fights
  • Apandas gained Ultima Blast
0.8.2510 2020-02-16
  • Added Move-Find items to Magic City Gariland
  • Lowered JP cost of Counter Throw
  • Reduced JP cost and MP cost of Dispel Magic (Spirit Magic)
  • Reduced JP cost and MP cost of Dispel (Magic Sword)
  • Increased the chance to hit with Foresee Sickness (Spirit Magic)
  • Increased the speed of Ninjas
  • Greatly increased PA, MA, and HP of Mimes and holy crap I forgot how good they could be
  • Increased the chance for Eye Gouge to hit
  • Adjusted Hydra and Dragon monster types HP to be the same at all levels (overall increase)
  • Increased PA of Dragon monster types
  • Increased MA of Dragon monster types
  • Increased MA of Minotaur monster types
  • Increased MA of Behemoth monster types
  • Fixed Bull Demon's movement (was incorrectly 4 instead of 5)
  • Increased Class Evasion for Red Chocobos, Plagues, and Sacreds
  • Algus can equip his favorite weapon of choice, the crossbow, as his base class
  • Ramza's base class can now equip Crossbows and Spears at all tiers
  • Rafa's skill now are all the same power level and mostly cost the same MP
  • Very slightly boosted the power of cure magic
  • Slightly adjusted consumable item costs
  • Increased the amount of HP Phoenix Down can restore
  • Reduced the difficulty of Warjilis
  • Slightly adjusted the Izlude fight
  • Fixed an animation issue with units during the Vormav transition
0.8.2486 2019-12-27
  • Increased PA of Ahriman monster types
  • Increased MA of Ahriman monster types
  • Increased PA of Chocobo monster types
  • Increased PA of Skeleton monster types
  • Increased PA of Uribo monster types
  • Increased the MP cost of Dark Shockwave
  • Reduced the cost of some Bags (weapon)
  • Updated help text for Dark Whisper to indicate it hits 4 times
  • Slightly adjusted Hashmalum's skillset
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Closed Beta

Patch List
Patch Release Date Notes
0.8.2477 2019-12-15
  • Adjusted Algus's Squire skillset to be more appropriate now - 100% squire, 100% jerk, he doesn't deserve any bonus skills
  • Gave Zenthar a dismissal quote
  • Slightly increased Worker 8's PA
  • New story battle added in Chapter 2
  • Major overhaul of random battle formation chances - as the game progresses, higher tier monsters/enemies have a higher chance of appearing and random battle formations are unlocked with Chapter progression now with lower-tier monsters/enemies showing up far less often in late-game
0.7.2472 2019-12-12
  • Increased Keltian's brave
  • Increased Rofel's brave
  • Increased the HP given by Crystal, Genji, and Grand Helmets
  • Lowered the levels at which the AI can use higher tier draw outs
  • Changed damage formula for Blood Suck (ability)
  • Destroy Sword skillset gained Dark Sword
  • Made Flux Armlet rare so it doesn't randomly appear on enemies
  • Poles can be two handed again
  • Fixed Ice 1 (Black Magic) costing more JP than was intended
  • Fixed Ice Rod and White Staff spell procs
  • Increased the HP of all Shrine Knights
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of Miluda 1 and Miluda 2
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of Orbonne 5th floor, Murond Death City, Balk 2, and Graveyard of Airships
  • Skeleton King and Ghoul King gained Dark Vortex
  • Dark Vortex can no longer hit the caster
  • Vormav gained Half of MP
  • Add new event scripting in one of the final battles
  • Added some new fun text when Worker 8 joins you
0.7.2454 2019-11-04
  • Updated all shops to match Ramza's new colors
  • Reduced MP cost of Runic Barrier
  • Increased the power of Runic Restore
  • Updated help text on damage dances to indicate they cannot be evaded
  • Priests gained a mid-tier damage spell, Purify
  • Increased Dycedarg and Zalbag's MP
  • Chameleon Robe now protects against Death Sentence instead of Dead
  • Archaic Demons now have Vengeance instead of Lifebreak
  • Astrologist is now immune to Silence and Blood Suck
  • Treants gained Any Ground innate
  • Treants move increased by 1
  • Increase the power of Spirit Attack (Treant)
  • Increased the speed of several boss units
  • Cancel: Dead no longer protects against Death Sentence when it expires
  • Demon Stab, Dark Bio, Blaster, Bad Breath, Parasite, and Grand Cross can now proc Blood Suck (status)
  • Blood Suck (ability) is now dark elemental and no longer causes Blood Suck (status)
  • Plasma, Ghoul King, Explosives, and Revenants no longer take bonus damage from wind
  • Increased the difficulty of multiple Deep Dungeon fights
  • Elidibs gained Half of MP because he was missing it and boosted his CEV as it was missed last patch
  • Fixed guns not being properly reduced by elemental resistances and magic guns are back
  • Fixed a bug which would cause some emulators to hardlock when Worker 8 was loaded into an event (Thanks Elric!)
0.7.2433 2019-10-19
  • When starting the game, after the Gariland Auditorium save point, you can now edit your formation before the battle
  • Fixed sprite issue for a monster in a Finath River random battle
  • Fixed an AI flag for Curse (Oracle)
  • Increased the chance for the AI to learn Ether and Hi-Ether
  • Elemental guns lost their spell procs, but now ignore evasion properly
  • Glacial Gun is now Shock Pistol, changing from ice to lightning elemental
  • Time mages can now use books, giving them more offensive capabilities
  • Slightly reduced the weapon power of books
  • Slightly reduced the power of Smite
  • Slightly buffed White Chocobo's HP
  • Force armor no longer prevents Silence
  • Increased all zodiac/lucavi class evasion making it even harder to hit them from the front
0.7.2421 2019-10-14
  • Reduced the MP cost and increased the power of Runic Void
  • Reduced Agrias's MA and slightly increased her PA in her base class
  • Slightly increased Meliadoul's base class PA
  • Increase Mustadio's Brave and Faith when you get him (does not affect in-progress games after the Slums of Goug)
  • Reduced the MP cost of Malak's skills
  • Increased the MP cost of Rafa's skills
  • Updated Wheel of Fate's help text
  • Updated Auto-Potion help text to clearly indicate it will not work with Mega Potions
  • Adjusted the AI flags slightly for Wheel of Fate
  • Heaven Knight can now use books
  • Death Sentence can no longer be removed by Remedy, Esuna 2, Runic Cleanse, or Choco Esuna
  • Rage Blade is now Grease Knife and causes oil instead of berserk
  • Defender gained initial Defending
  • Zalera is no longer weak to wind elemental attacks
  • Fixed a random battle where an enemy had an improper skillset
  • Fixed an issue where special enemy units could have improper secondary skills
  • Fixed the appearance of an unused job in a random battle
  • Fixed Worker8's ability help text to indicate they ignore damage reduction
  • Fixed help text for Reis's abilities to include vertical information
  • Changed one of the move-find items at Nelveska
  • Books and Harps now only use MA
  • Books now cast more powerful spells and give +1 MA
  • Cloths (Dancer) now only use PA
  • Poles are now repurposed as monk weapons and use PA which helps lower brave units deal damage
0.6.2397 2019-09-08
  • Added new ability category to help text to indicate abilities affected by Martial Arts
  • Fixed help text for Whirlwind (monster skill)
  • Fixed help text for Leaf Dance (monster skill)
  • Fixed help text for Climhazzard (Cloud)
  • Fixed help text for knight equipment break skills
  • Fixed help text for Maintenance to indicate it blocks steals as well
  • Dragon's Tail Swing is now unevadable and help text is updated
  • Fixed Worker 8's abilities to all be correctly unevadeable and updated help text
  • Malak can now use axes and shields as a Hell Knight
  • Slightly buffed Runeseeker's MA
  • Increased the power of Cloud's skills
  • Increased the range of some of Cloud's skills
  • Increased Cloud's PA in his base class
  • Moved Gained Exp-UP to squire to help with closing level gaps if the player so chooses
  • Holy Priest gained immunity to Silence
  • Sorcerer gained immunity to Silence
  • Arc Knight gained immunity to Silence
  • Lune Knight gained immunity to Silence
  • Paladin gained immunity to Silence
  • Fixed some undead humanoid units not having the global increased movement
  • Updated the one of the Nogias fights to have some more variety... in the rainbow
  • Altima is no longer weak to wind
  • Reduced Alma's power in the final fight
0.6.2374 2019-08-03
  • Some guests lost the ability to use Lion's Mane so they don't berserk you
  • Increased the level the AI can use Elixirs to 70
  • Reduced the chance to learn Elixir from 100% to 50%
  • Top tier daggers are available for purchase sooner at shops (Ch4 start and after Bethla)
  • Increase Zodiac Spear's weapon power from 14 to 15
  • Knight Blades lost Speed Ruin
  • Void Strike can now be properly evaded
  • Made help text for Dragon Speed clearer
  • Updated help text for Holy Dragon class to indicate it absorbs Holy
  • Renamed Vortex to Dark Vortex to reflect its dark element
  • Removed duplicate help text for Cachusha
  • Fixed Curse animation issue
  • Changed Prayer animation
  • Changed Foresee Fortune animation
  • Changed Runic Persuasion animation
  • Increased Malak's HP and MP for his base job
  • Increased Rafa's MP for her base job
  • Reduced vertical tolerance from 3 to 1 for Rafa's skills (making it easier to limit effect panels and get more hits)
  • Orlandu, Reis, Beowulf, Meliadoul, and Cloud all gained innate Gained JP UP in their base class
  • Increased the difficulty of a fight in TIGER
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of the Chapel of Murond Temple fight
  • Most non-??? bosses lost immunity to Dark elemental damage and now take half damage from Dark element
  • Ramza's map sprite now reflects the new palettes
0.6.2351 2019-06-30
  • Fixed an issue where some chemist items weren't being properly used by the AI
  • Changed two units in the Barius Valley story fight
0.6.2349 2019-06-28
  • Slightly increased Morbol HP (all tiers)
  • Slightly increased Paladin (boss) PA and speed
  • Slightly increased the damage of Shock
  • Slightly increased health of all tier 3 monsters
  • Slightly increased Meliadoul's PA and she can now use katanas
  • Slightly increased the PA of Knight Blades (Izlude)
  • Slightly increased the level of all story boss fights
  • Slightly increased Altima's reaction chance
  • Shifted multiple movement abilities, making teleport harder to get to, and others easier to get
  • Ethers and Hi-Ethers are now available earlier (after Ch1 Elmdor rescue and Ch3 start respectively)
  • Reduced the range of Chain Lightning from 7 to 6
  • Removed a flag on Rafa and Malak's attacks so they just execute, not ask for panel vs unit (which doesn't matter because they're instant)
  • Fixed Dark Shockwave so that it cannot be evaded by Blade Grasp
  • Updated Ramza's color palette
0.5.2335 2019-06-10
  • Added a Blue Chocobo to the Warjilis story scene
  • Gave Beowulf static starting equipment
  • Fixed a bug with Abandon again, specific to build 2332
0.5.2332 2019-06-02
  • Slightly lowered Hashmalum's reaction chance
  • Slightly lowered Altima's reaction chance
  • Slightly lowered Undead Time Mage speed
  • Slightly increased the damage of Choco Ball
  • Reduced gil cost of Rod and Oak Staff because the 120 gil cost Oak Staff annoyed me
  • Changed Flame Whip to be non-elemental with a new name
  • Increased vertical range for Singing and Dancing from 5 to 8
  • Updated help text for Geomancy skills to indicated they can't be evaded
  • Gave Rafa static starting equipment in Yardow Fort City
  • Fixed a bug which was causing units to randomly roll very low-tier items for their level (Ch4 enemies with Bow Guns, etc)
  • White Chocobos are no longer ridable (caused a crash in rare cases)
0.5.2321 2019-05-20
  • Zalera lost Nightmare again
  • Cat Kick no longer flags Countergrasp so it will always hit, even against targets with Blade Grasp
  • Updated help text for Samurai skills to indicated they can't be evaded
  • Knight Blades gained Cleave
  • Updated damage formula for Cleave to be solely based on the weapon
  • Reduced the difficulty of Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
  • Reduced the difficulty of Murond Death City
0.5.2314 2019-05-14
  • Updated ability help text to clarify adding statuses, if they're chances and if all or only some, etc
  • Updated weapon/consumable help text to clarify adding statuses, if they're chances and if all or only some, etc
  • Removed Runic Reset from the Runeseeker
  • Increased Excalibur's speed bonus from +1 to +2
  • Increased Crossbow weapon power
  • Increased Crossbows range from 4 to 5
  • RedPanther/Cuar/Vampire Scratch (main attack) now has a chance to cause Poison
  • RedPanther/Cuar/Vampire Venom Leap has an increased chance to hit
  • Cat Kick (Red Panther) now does slightly reduced damage, but cannot be evaded
  • RedPanther/Cuar/Vampire gained slightly increased PA and shifted around their abilities slightly
  • Made Morbol Spit unevadeable
  • Chemical Cocktail now also adds Silence
  • Slightly buffed early-game flails
  • Purchasable Scorpion Tails pushed back to post-Elmdor rather than post-Bethla
  • Changed Light Robes from Strengthening Dark damage to Halving Dark damage taken
  • Melt now has a chance to add Oil
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of the Germinas Peak story fight
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of Coillery Underground Second Floor (Beowulf Sidequest)
  • Removed the MP cost of Ultima Blast (boss skill)
  • Made minor updates to some Lucavi skillsets
  • Added some new event data for Chapel of Murond Temple
0.5.2294 2019-05-06
  • Fixed a bug where Charged Strike wasn't gaining weapon elemental types
  • Fixed a bug where the AI wasn't using Fullcure
  • Slightly increased the chance to hit with Phoenix Bomb
  • Changed Reis's Wind to be usable even when silenced
  • Changed Dark Shockwave to be un-usable when silenced like all other sword skills
  • Reduced the chance the AI will have learned Fullcure to 50% down from 100%
  • Reduced the chance the AI will learn Zodiac to 70% down from 90%
  • Removed chance for AI to learn Train
  • Removed chance for AI to learn Poach (for monster runs)
0.5.2285 2019-04-29
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of the Yuguo Woods fight
  • Slightly increased Velius's PA and MP
  • Updated Izludes skillset so he attacks more
  • Increased the difficulty of the Murond Temple fight (first fight)
  • All Zodiacs gained Half of MP
  • Reduced JP cost of Equip Katana
  • Reduced JP cost of Reraise
  • Reduced JP cost of knight ruin skills
  • Cleaned up some job help text for White Knight
  • Dark Bio is now Dark elemental... and green
  • Updated help text to clarify "Dark" being the element and "Darkness" being the status
0.5.2274 2019-04-22
  • Dragoner lost innate Train (mostly to prevent glitches)
  • Reduced JP cost of Move in Water
  • Adjusted Grog Hill story battle to have less, but stronger units
  • Cleaned up the status details for special chocobos and demons so it's clear they have some special passive abilities. They should functionally be no different
  • Fixed a rare battle enemy unit having MP Switch
  • Fixed an animation glitch with monster ability Magic Feathers
  • Fixed an animation glitch with monster ability Neptune's Protection
  • Monsters with Revive gained Monster Revive instead - Lower chance, lower HP restore, 1 vertical tolerence, and fixed the animation glitch - like a weaker free Wish
  • Slightly adjusted Altima's stats/passives
0.5.2265 2019-04-19
  • Slightly adjusted some of Altimas skills
  • Fixed an issue with the Ribbon stats
  • Corrected the palette for a knight in Poeskas Lake story battle
  • Corrected help text for Engineer job
  • Buffed Cursed Ring and Cursed Shield
  • Buffed Books
  • Buffed Harps
  • Buffed mid to late-game Longbows
  • Corrected an issue with the Double Attack (proc)
  • Changed the reaction for Skeletons from HP Restore to Damage Split and updated their status immunities
  • Reduced JP cost of Chemist's Temporal Tonic, Panacea, and Remedy
  • Reduced enemy geomancy potency early-game in story battles
  • Further reduced the difficulty of execution fight and gate of lionel
0.5.2252 2019-04-11
  • Reduced MP cost of Zodiac
  • Slightly increased MP cost of Malak's Hell Knight skills
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Comet
  • Buffed Delita at Zirekile Falls
  • Fixed Heaven's Cloud quote from vanilla
  • Cleaned up various ability help text
  • Choco Quake and Choco Splash both gained 1 vertical effect tolerance up from 0
  • Changed the Engineer skillset name
  • Mustadio's starting gear is now pre-set
  • Updated buff/debuff help text (like when you check your status and get help for Poison)
  • White Chocobos can now be invited
  • White Chocobos are now ridable
  • Dark Chocobos can no longer enter water and gained Counter
  • Lavian and Alica start as squires now (their unlocked skills are unchanged)
  • Fixed an issue which caused elemental weapons to not work with strength/weakness/null/half. i.e. Ice Bow wasn't doing bonus damage to Goblins who are weak to ice.
  • More Deep Dungeon battle adjustments
0.5.2236 2019-03-30
  • You can now control Alma in the final fight
  • Slightly increased Altima's MA and speed
  • Reduced the chance to hit with interrupting strike
  • Lowered the brave of the Chemist in the opening Orbonne fight
  • Fixed the help text for Choco Esuna (excess spacing)
  • Fixed Setiemson to actually have initial Haste
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Golgorand Execution Site fight due to impact from other changes
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of the Gate of Lionel Castle fight
  • Slightly buffed the damage of Holy Sword skills
  • Orlandu gained a new skill in his list
  • Made a minor adjustment to the victory conditions timing for the Izlude fight
  • Ice Brands now proc Blizzard
0.5.2224 2019-03-21
  • Updated help text to indicate Zodiac cannot be evaded
  • Updated help text for a few job descriptions to be inline with others
  • Updated help text to indicate Water is reflectable
  • Bard gained PA Save
  • Dancer gained MA Save
  • Increased the PA of Lancers
  • Lowered Ramza's MA slightly and increased his PA slightly
  • Increased the weapon power of mid to late-game rods
  • Increaded the weapon power of mid to late-game staves
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Runic Cleanse
  • Increased the amount of healing done by Esuna 2
  • Healing Staff now gives +1 MA
  • Sages can no longer use swords
  • Knights gained the ability to use axes
  • All classes can now use knives (except monk)
  • Reduced Apanda King's HP
  • Moved the Dark Dragon's starting position
  • Reduced movement range for some new boss units
  • Increased JP cost for Earth Ties
0.5.2205 2019-03-13
  • Adjusted the difficulty of several Deep Dungeon fights which were too easy or too hard
  • Fixed a bug where knights in Miluda 2 could have Battle Skill twice
  • Fixed a bug with Abandon
  • Fixed a unit sprite that was incorrectly set in the Riovanes Gate fight
  • Fixed an issue with Boco's Portrait palette on the Formation list
  • Plasma no longer causes any status effects
  • Removed Dark Bio's chance for instant death, but added a chance for various minor statuses
  • Slightly increased the speed of all Zodiac bosses
  • Slightly increased Velius's MA
  • Reduced HP restored by Awaken (bosses) from 50% to 40%
  • Increase gil war trophies for specific Deep Dungeon fights
  • Removed a random pause in the middle of the conversation with Rafa after rescuing her, allowing you to speed through the text
0.5.2193 2019-02-23
  • Increased the difficulty of several Deep Dungeon fights which were somewhat trivial
  • Fixed Lancer's Jump to work properly (broken in 0.5.2191)
0.5.2191 2019-02-23
  • Slightly updated help text for Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell
  • Slightly decreased hit chance for Steal Turn
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty for the Thieves Fort story battle
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty for Barius Hill story battle
  • Slightly increased the cost of X-potions and Mega Potions
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of Adramelk
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of certain Deep Dungeon fights
  • Added hardset enemy reaction abilities to additional story battles
  • Adjusted Ultima Blast (boss skill) to ignore Faith
  • Changed Setiemson initial Transparent to initial Haste
  • Saint Rifle now procs Holy instead of Smite
  • Increased the JP cost of Auto Potion
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Potion would trigger even if you had no potions available
  • Archaic and Ultima Demons gained Move-MP Up
  • Gave Cloud a new sprite
0.5.2177 2019-02-08
  • Fixed an issue where Undead Knights weren't immortal in the Zalera fight
  • Slightly buffed the Undead Knights in the Zalera fight
  • Made it so Meliadoul isn't a jerk in Chapter 4 and cannot use your Elixirs
0.5.2174 2019-02-07
  • Allowed Holy Swordsman (Orlandu) and Holy Knight (Agrias) to use katanas
  • Slightly increased Agrias's Holy Knight PA multiplier
  • Women's hair adornments now also give +1 PA (Cachusha, Barette, Ribbon)
  • Slightly increased Mime's PA and MA
  • Changed Reflect Mail to be a new item
  • Changed Behemoths' reaction skill to Auto-Haste
  • Polished up the Bethla Sluice fight some more
  • Slightly increase the speed of enemy demon units
  • Slightly adjusted animations for Choco Quake and Choco Splash
  • Reduced JP cost of Maintenance
  • Made it so Poach doesn't need to be equipped to use the Fur Shop
  • Made it so Alma isn't a jerk in Chapter 3 and cannot use your Elixirs
  • Fixed Chemist help text to say "Throw Item" not "Item throw"
  • Fixed a bug where Izlude's fight objectives which previously said "defeat all enemies" to win
0.5.2160 2019-01-25
  • Fixed an issue which made Bethla Sluice un-winnable
0.5.2159 2019-01-20
  • Added Testers to the pool of random names which can be assigned to units
  • Updated help text for all jobs to reflect all innate abilities
  • Cleaned up some random battles and removed immortal status on units that no longer needed it
  • Added immortal status to some units that were missing it
  • Made a slight adjustment to Light Robes
  • Fixed the animation for Cuar's Hairball so it doesn't disappear while casting
  • Fixed an error where Choco Quake and Choco Splash were not evadable and slightly reduced their damage
  • Fixed a Sage having Arcane Magic listed twice instead of having a random second skillset in Underground Book Storage Second Floor
  • Increased Malak's ability damage
  • Increase Geomancy ability damage
  • Added help text to abilities to indicate if they are directional
  • Increased chance to hit for Vengeance Slash but reduced range to 3 from 4
  • Changed the sprite for an Astrologist in the Deep Dungeon that was set incorrectly
  • Removed Dark elemental from HP absorb swords
  • A new friend helps you on the second floor of Orbonne in Chapter 3, before Izlude
0.4.2143 2019-01-13
  • Fixed certain enemies in the Deep Dungeon improperly having MP Switch
  • Added some of the new chocobos to a couple of scenes
  • Adjusted availability of Flails to be a bit earlier
  • Made it so you can dual wield Flails again
  • At the start of Chapter 2, Dorter clearly indicates there's an event there
  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of Dorter 2
0.4.2137 2019-01-09
  • Adjusted the damage formula of Smite to be Faith-based to be consistent with all magic
  • Increased the MP cost of Raise
  • Reduced the difficulty of a random battle in Barius Valley
  • Fixed a hardlock bug in the final scene which locked the game before getting to "The End"
  • Increased text display speed for a number of slower parts for people who don't want to skip it
0.4.2132 2018-12-31
  • Slightly increased Malak's MA in his base class
  • Some monsters' basic attacks have a chance to add statuses
  • Updated the final optional Goland gauntlet fight (Beowulf sidequest) to have a new unique boss unit
0.4.2128 2018-12-28
  • Made multiple changes with the Chemist's items, condensing status removal and adding more variety
  • Potions now restore 40, 80, 160, and 250 HP and the level enemies can use potions increased slightly to help prevent early-game sandbagging
  • Increased the difficulty of some battles in the Deep Dungeon that were somewhat easy
  • Added White Chocobos which have all normal chocobo skills (Yellow, Black, Red)
  • Added Blue Chocobos (enemy only)
  • Boco is now a White Chocobo and doesn't breed
  • Updated Green Chocobos to be more thematically appropriate
  • Added more Green/Blue/White Chocobos in random battles
  • Buffed the Dark Dragon and fixed its portrait
  • Added numerous human color palette additions to help identify unique human classes
  • Added numerous monster color palette additions to help identify unique monster classes
  • Removed a random pause in the middle of the conversation with Mustadio after Mustadio 1, allowing you to speed through the text
  • Removed a random pause in the middle of the conversation where Ovelia is told she's a substitute (SPOILERS), allowing you to speed through the text
0.3.2111 2018-12-21
  • Fixed Dycedarg's Elder Brother
  • Increased Wheel of Fate's maximum hit count to 5 up from 4
  • Changed ninja swords to have an innate +1 PA instead of +1 speed (this doesn't affect damage)
  • Corrected Knife help text showing more jobs could use knives than they actually could
  • Slightly increased the cost of Sprint Shoes
  • Geomancers can now use knives
0.3.2105 2018-12-18
  • Made Angel Rings available in mid chapter 3 as opposed to mid chapter 4
  • Removed the choice for the Germonik Scriptures conversation with Malak at Dorter after Wiegraf 2
  • Slightly reduced invite chance for Runic Persuasion
  • Malak's single target ablities are now correctly directional (cannot go through walls)
  • Corrected some of Mustadio's abilities to be directional as well
  • Reduced the chance the AI will learn some resurrection abilities, reducing AI sandbagging some
  • Rafa's skills now always hit 4 times and help text indicates this
  • Nerfed Rafa's skill damage some and slightly increased MP cost
0.3.2096 2018-12-04
  • Adjusted several Bard songs and Dancer dances (buffs and nerfs)
  • Remove AI archers from using Sniper Focus as it caused them to do nothing
  • Fixed a flag which caused all Arcane Magic to not be reflectable, even though some can be
  • All bomb monsters gained Any Weather so fire damage is not reduced in heavy rain / storms
0.3.2090 2018-11-17
  • Corrected an issue where Bard had slightly higher job requirements than intended
  • Pushed back enemies having access to Potion until level 5 to make very early battles easier
  • Reduced the chance enemies will have learned Cheer Up
  • Reduced the difficulty of Chapter 1 Mandalia battles
0.3.2086 2018-11-12
  • Adjusted Ghoul-type monster abilities
  • Buffed Cockatris-type monster abilities and corrected description
  • Buffed Minotaur-type monster abilities and PA and changed reaction back to counter
  • Changed palette for unique enemy knights in story battles
  • Adjusted Green Berets
0.3.2081 2018-11-02
  • Reduced JP cost for some Chemist skills
  • Reduced gil cost for some Chemist items
  • Made minor adjustments to a couple accessories
  • New skills for Bomb (Monster Skill) and Skeletons (Third ability)
  • Skeletons gained 'Any Ground' movement ability
  • Increased the stats for a number of monsters, primarily affecting higher levels
0.3.2075 2018-10-23
  • Fixed a text error for the Oracle Foresee Fortune
  • Slightly reduced JP of 1 enemy Wizard in Thieves Fort battle
  • Squires can now equip spears
  • Buffed Aimed Strike and made damage consistent
0.3.2071 2018-10-18
  • Slightly reduced PA for monks
  • Enemies can no longer Move-Find items
  • Changed Lancer jump skills to be cumulative
  • Changed Ninja Sunken State to Auto-Haste
  • Abandon only increases evasion by 50% as opposed to 100% (1.5x vs 2x)
0.2.2066 2018-10-05
  • Fixed Holy Priest having Flash Bomb
  • Increased Adramelk's PA
  • Added +1 PA to Grand Helmet
0.2.2064 2018-10-01
  • Fixed a bug when beginning the Adramelk story battle
  • Fixed a minor text bug in Zalera story battle
0.2.2062 2018-09-28
  • Fixed a bug when completing Poeskas Lake story battle
  • Fixed a bug when completing the Goland Beowulf fights (Thanks Elric!)
0.2.2058 2018-09-24
  • Buffed ninja throwing items (balls and shuriken)
  • Gave ninja new innate ability
  • Buffed Choco Esuna
  • Updated tier2 monsters to have 1 status immunity, and tier 3 monsters to have 2 status immunity
  • Some monsters which only appear in later chapters have immunity at all 3 tiers
0.1.2054 2018-09-17
  • Updated text for Spin Fist
  • Removed Apocalypse sword darkness elemental
  • Slightly boosted Arm Aim and Leg Aim accuracy
0.1.2053 2018-09-08
  • Fixed a bug when completing Doguola Pass story battle
  • Fixed a bug when completing Finath River story battle
  • Fixed a bug with the Balk 1 intro
0.1.2050 2018-09-06
  • Slightly nerfed Steal Turn
  • Slightly increased MP cost for knight breaks
  • Increased vertical for spin fist (monk and goblin)
  • Slightly adjusted summoner skillset
0.1.2047 2018-09-01
  • Corrected text to indicate Rafa's skills only hit enemies
0.1.2046 2018-08-15
  • Fixed a hard lock after the Olan fight in Ch3
0.1.2045 2018-08-10
  • Added an early game (late Ch1) accessory for slow immunity
0.1.2044 2018-08-09
0.1.2043 2018-08-04
  • Added some abilities to Mustadio for variety
0.1.2042 2018-08-03
  • Added help text to show what abilities require swords
  • Silence affects more abilities including sword skills
0.1.2040 2018-08-01
  • Fixed an event bug in the Mustadio 1 battle
0.1.2039 2018-07-25
  • Fixed a hardlock bug in a battle in Chapter 4
  • Enabled Guest control for most battles, unless the guest is newly introduced
0.1.2036 2018-07-23
0.1.2031 2018-07-19
0.1.2006 2018-07-12
0.1.2005 2018-07-12
0.1.2004 2018-07-11
0.1.2000 2018-07-05
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Monster Locations

Multiple tiers of monsters can be found all over Ivalice, however top tier monsters can only be found in their home region. This is a list of locations where you are most likely to find certain monster types. This information is useful for Poaching and in Monster party runs for seeking out new monster types.

Monster Locations
Location Monster Type
Mandalia Plains Red Panther/Cuar/Vampire
Sweegy Woods Goblin/Black Gobin/Gobbledeguck
Zeklaus Desert Bomb/Grenade/Explosive
Lenalia Plateau Flotiball/Ahriman/Plague
Fovoham Plains Chocobo/Black Chocobo/Red Chocobo
Araguay Woods Woodman/Trent/Taiju
Zirekile Falls Juravis/Steel Hawk/Cocatoris
Barius Hill Behemoth/King Behemoth/Dark Behemoth
Zigolis Swamp Skeleton/Bone Snatch/Living Bone
Barius Valley Pisco Demon/Squidlarkin/Mindflare
Grog Hill Bull Demon/Minitaurus/Sacred
Yuguo Woods Ghoul/Gust/Revnant
Bervernia Volcano Various Monsters/Red Dragon
Duguola Pass Dragon/Blue Dragon/Red Dragon
Finath River Chocobo/Black Chocobo/Red Chocobo
Bed Desert Hyudra/Hydra/Tiamat
Germinas Peak Uribo/Porky/Wildbow
Poeskas Lake Skeleton/Bone Snatch/Living Bone
Dolbodar Swamp Morbol/Ochu/Great Morbol
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Poach List

Poaches by monster
Monster Common (88%) Rare (12%)
Chocobo Phoenix Down Remedy
Black Chocobo X-Potion Temporal Tonic
Red Chocobo Mega Potion Elixir
Goblin Chain Vest Mythril Vest
Black Goblin Brigandine Judo Outfit
Gobbledeguck Power Sleeve Earth Clothes
Bomb Mage Masher Paralysis Knife
Grenade Stone Knife Grease Knife
Explosive Assassin Dagger Swamp Dagger
Red Panther Red Hood Headgear
Cuar Green Beret Twisted Headband
Vampire Golden Hairpin Flash Hat
Pisco Demon Murasame Heaven's Cloud
Squidlarkin Ninja Knife Short Edge
Mindflare Kiyomori Muramasa
Skeleton Bronze Shield Mythril Shield
Bone Snatch Ice Shield Flame Shield
Living Bone Platina Shield Crystal Shield
Ghoul Romanda Gun Mythril Gun
Gust Setiemson Knout
Revnant Shotgun Incendiary Gun
Flotiball Mythril Armor Plate Mail
Ahriman Cross Helmet Musk Rod
Plague Platina Armor Carabini Mail
Juravis Germinas Boots Feather Boots
Steel Hawk N-Kai Armlet Zephyr Armlet
Cocatoris Aegis Gauntlet Null Ring
Uribo Crystal Shield Genji Shield
Porky Crystal Helmet Genji Helmet
Wildbow Crystal Mail Genji Armor
Woodman Poison Rod Healing Staff
Trent Wizard Staff Chameleon Robe
Taiju Wizard Rod Black Robe
Bull Demon Battle Axe Javelin
Minitaurus Spear Elemental Axe
Sacred Partisan Dragon Axe
Morbol Repeater Arbalest
Ochu Salty Rage Cursed Shield
Great Morbol Perseus Bow Apocalypse
Behemoth Dark Mantle Elf Mantle
King Behemoth Battle Dict Monster Dict
Dark Behemoth Dracula Mantle Feather Mantle
Dragon Platinum Sword Koga Knife
Blue Dragon Dragon Rod Ribbon
Red Dragon Rune Blade Holy Staff
Hyudra Blood Sword Chirijiraden
Hydra Save the Queen Excalibur
Tiamat Iga Knife Zodiac Spear
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